Techno night in the Hills

When you are invited for dinner and you think of a normal pizza night, but then you find out that 5 crazy Italian Backpackers are invited to the “Party” too.

We were on a local Farm in Silvan, same place where I took these photos in day time, just couple of days before.  Amazing difference, isn’t it? I love the contrast: it’s very real.

Farms nowadays are really becoming modern! 😛


Techno night bottles of beer and speakers music, laser and artificial smoke effects lights and people coloruful laser lights special effects with the laser laser laights and shapes in the grass hiding away from the camera hiding the face from the camera laser lightsand people during the day happy farm, and at nighttime re-invented for a techno night laser clours in a farm in Silvan speakers and stars Techno night under the stars: speakers and stars Backpacker life in Silvan, Vic laser lights in black and white Pirate flag People people at the techno night Pizza just out of the home-made pizza oven in the garden Farmer guy drinking beer empty beers Laser lights for a techno event under the stars in Silvan, Vic laser lights dj for a techno night under the stars


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