Mum and Daughter. ©Erika's Way Photography

Family Photo Shooting at Pirianda Graden

A beautiful Photo Shooting Session with Anne, her five children, their husbands and Mia, her incredible one-year-old Granddaughter.

I really love this. It’s not just about having photos done. It’s about Family. It’s about having an excuse to catch up and laugh together. It’s just beautiful.

Even more beautiful the fact that we were outside, enjoying a gorgeous sunny morning, in a little hidden Gem of the Hills: Pirianda Graden.

We went for a walk, we stopped where ever we thought there was an interesting spot. No plans, no direct route.

‘Oh, I like that tree! Can we take few photos there?’

Sometimes it would be like: ‘Ok, now everyone concentrate and do the funniest face you can think of! …three two one…’

Some other times it would be just candid shots: laughing, playing, talking. Little moments, instants of Family life…instants of real life.

It’s great when there are so many people involved in the shooting: it’s messy and it’s fun! Everyone feels more confident and familiar with the situation.

Here are few photos from the session. I think these are really beautiful memories, I’m really honoured I was there behind the camera.

What do you think?

Family Photographer in the Dandenong RangesFamily Photography in the Dandenong Ranges ©Erika's Way Photography love between a Nana and her granddaughter in the Dandenong Ranges ©Erika's Way Photography Nana and her her little one year old grandaughter ©Erika's Way Photography Mum and daughter ©Erika's Way Photography Baby girl showing her tongue. ©Erika's Way Photography Granddaughter hugging her Nana. ©Erika's Way Photography one year old girl with very fashion style glasses. ©Erika's Way Photography Granddaughter and Grandma ©Erika's Way Photography granddaughter and Nana. Family Photography ©Erika's Way PhotographyMum and her youngest son. Family Photography in the Dandenong Ranges. ©Erika's Way Photography Married for five years and still in love. ©Erika's Way Photography Learning how to walk with Nana. ©Erika's Way Photography Mum and her daughters. Family Photography in the Dandenong Ranges. ©Erika's Way Photography Portrait of a Mum laughing while her grown up kids are telling jokes. ©Erika's Way Photography Mother and Son. Family Photography. ©Erika's Way Photography Family Photgraphy in the Dandenong Ranges: Mum and her daughter. ©Erika's Way Photography Mum and Daughter happy photo. ©Erika's Way Photography Mum and Daughter. ©Erika's Way Photography Mum and son: funny photo that describes how beautiful it's their relationship. Family Photography in the Dandenong Rnages. ©Erika's Way Photography

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