Kathie Thomas from Dandenong Ranges Photography, business headshot by Erika's Way Photography

Business Headshot in the Dandenong Ranges: Kathie Thomas

Last week I had the pleasure (and the honour!) to meet an amazing local Nature Photographer. And just because meeting her and walk right next to her was not enough, I also got to capture few Business Headshots photos for her and her business.

Meet Kathie Thomas, beautiful local, great business woman and owner of Dandenong Ranges Photography.

I’m really happy to be able to work with natural light and outdoor settings even when it comes to Business Headshots. The end result is still professional but it’s also warm and friendly.

We went for a walk in Birdsland Reserve, in Belgrave South, one of the most incredible hidden gems of the Hills.

Behind every successful woman is herself.


Kathie Thomas: VA and professional Photographer at Dandenong Ranges Photography. Photo by Erika's Way PhotographyKathie Thomas from Dandenong Ranges Photography, business headshot by Erika's Way PhotographyKathie Thomas Business headshot session by Erika's Way PhotographyKathie Thomas VA Kathie Thomas, Virtual Assistant, Professional Business headshot session


And while we were there, we both took the opportunity to capture few snaps of what was around us. So beautiful and peaceful. Don’t you think so? 🙂


Kathie Thomas in Birdsland, Belgrave South. By Erika's Way Photography Nature Photographer Kathie Thomas in action by Erika's WayAutumn Mushrooms in Birdsland Duck swimming in Birdsland Reserve, Belgrave South Birdsland Reserve Autumn tree in Birdsland Bird watching at Birdsland Reserve, Belgrave South, By Erika's Way Photography

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