Ricketts Sanctuary: a MUST visit in Olinda, Dandenong Ranges

Around Melbourne and the Dandenong Ranges with a tourist

The past month of September was a very busy month for me. Not as in work related busy, but as in Family related busy. My Father came to visit all …

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sunshine at Mt Wellington ©Erika's Way Photography

Five days in Tasmania

The very first time I went to Tasmania, five years ago, I thought a weekend was going to be more than enough to wander around and have ‘a feel’ of …

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along the Oirase Stream, Japan

Trip to Japan (part two): Autumn Colours in Japan

As I promised last week, here is the second part of my last trip to Japan. After exploring the South for few days (I wrote about it in my previous …

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Spectacular Sunset ove the floating Tori at Miyajima island

Trip to Japan: the Seto Inland Sea

Third trip to Japan. Amazing. Every time there is always a new adventure waiting. This time, we start the trip in Hiroshima. It’s Saturday, and all around the Castle and …

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Wilson's Prom National Park, South Eastern Circuit ©Erika's Way Photography

Christmas at the Prom: South Eastern Circuit

Around Christmas things can get quite crazy. This past Christmas has been incredibly crazy for me but also amazingly rewarding. I got the chance to catch up with a lot …

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Leffe Belgian Beer and pommes frittes

Europe on the road. Belgium: traditional beer, history and caves.

BELGIUM In Belgium we found the cutest accommodation: a little house wooden cabin in the woods, near the beautiful town of Dinant, in the Wallonia region in the south part of …

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morning sunshine in Hoge Veluwe National Park

Europe on the road. The Netherlands by bicycle.

THE NETHERLANDS Hoge Veluwe National Park A little bike trip exploring the Netherlands biggest National Park. Arnhem

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lonely girl walking along the beach ©Erika's Way Photography

Europe on the road. Denmark: a day trip to the Jutland Peninsula.

DENMARK Sønderborg & surroundings A day trip to the Jutland Peninsula, exploring little towns, quiet beaches and forests full of frogs!

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sunset from Sankt Peter-Ording ©Erika's Way Photography

Europe on the road: Germany.

GERMANY Germany is an amazing Country, even the smallest town has hidden gems. We crossed the Country from the bottom all the way to the top, where we visited family …

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sunshine and mist over Achen Lake, Austria ©Erika's Way Photography

Europe on the road. Austria: cowes, mist and sunrises.

AUSTRIA In Austria we visited just couple of little towns in the Tyrol area, on our way to Germany. We got out of the highway and we got lost somewhere …

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artisan shop in Lucca, Italy

Europe on the road. Italy: cities and towns, mountains and seas.

18 days, a rental car, three teenagers in the back seats and a Continent to discover. One night, couple of months ago, my partner and I had a conversation that …

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Snow in the Alps, Victoria, Australia

Four days trip around Victoria 1/4

I’m always looking around for inspirations on where to go for short trips around Victoria. There is a lot to explore, but sometimes it’s hard to find the right information …

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The Murray river between Albury and Wodonga

Four days trip around Victoria 2/4

Albury-Wodonga Day2 It’s a beautiful sunny morning. But our snow gear is still wet. And Roberto still feels the wet and cold in his bones. “Why don’t we go to …

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Pevensey Paddle steamer hot chocolate

Four days trip around Victoria 3/4

Barmah National Park and Echuca Day 3 From Albury we drive and drive. We pass through few little towns and eventually all around us are just fields. We get to …

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Hiking through the boulders in Melville Caves

Four days trip around Victoria 4/4

Melville Caves Day4 From Echuca we head south, towards a place that has been in my to do list for couple of years: Melville Caves, in Kooyoora State Park. We …

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